Planetary numerologist, John Davis, has an important message for you:

"God does not play dice with the Universe."
– Albert Einstein

The date you were born was no accident.  Neither was the name given to you by your parents.  Both of these were determined by the unique energy you brought with you into this life.  In other words, your destiny is encoded in your birth date and name.

Have you ever felt that there MUST be a reason why things happen as they do?

Have you wondered what you were meant to do with your life?

And have you wished there was a clear pathway to success in life?


Yes, I have the tools to help you discover these answers!

Numerology is an ancient science.  In fact, older than every other science now known to mankind.  Originally set forth by Pythagoras, numerology is based on the idea that nothing happens by chance.

Most numerologists tend to reduce your name and your birthdate to a single digit each.  They will tell you what your “name number” and “birth number” are and proceed to give you a reading that has only 81 unique interpretations.

In other words, far too general to apply to you and you alone.

A few numerologists may expand this with a half-dozen other single-digit numbers, but even this is far too general.  In the history of this planet, there has never been another person exactly like you, and there never will.  And that’s why if you want a truly personalized reading, you must go to someone who truly understands the full range of information available.


Any numerologist who reduces everything down to a single digit is throwing away valuable data.  Every digit has meaning, as does every letter of your name. Furthermore, the relationships between the digits and letters carry additional meaning.


Your personal reading will reveal the true keys to your destiny.


John Davis—Esoteric Psychologist/Counselor,
Numerologist, & Egyptologist

John Davis is an esoteric psychologist, counselor and a personal and planetary numerologist who has given over 12,000 readings.

John is also the director of Coptic Fellowship International, a modern philosophical organization based on the mystery schools of ancient Egypt.  (John has taken 29 tours to Egypt.)  John is also director of the Spiritual Unity of Nations (S.U.N.).  The S.U.N. is dedicated to "The World as One Family".  Additionally, John is the author of Messiah and the Second Coming (1981) and Revelation for Our Time (1997).

John's readings reveal how past life issues affect the present life.  This numerology scientific profile is a blueprint for the potential opportunities as well as challenges, karmic patterns, and hidden abilities.  The secret language encoded in the name indicates past lives.  The date of birth is the physical destiny.  A new feature of his personality profiles pinpoints a hidden spiritual purpose given to each soul exactly nine months after their birth.  All readings are recorded on a CD for your convenience.

To get a personalized reading, you may call John directly at (616) 531-1339 or email him at KnowYourself888{at}  (Replace {at} with the @ symbol.) 

Other Numerology services provided;
Compatibility Charts, Wedding Dates,
Business Names and Incorporation Dates.

John will need your date of birth as well as your full birth name.

A 30-minute reading is $60, and you may get a copy either as a CD or printed transcription.  Both are available together for $100.

BTW - Numerology readings make excellent birthday and Christmas gifts!